Each weekend is the equivalent of three credit hours of class work and requires you to complete projects and papers either prior to or after the weekend. These classes, first offered in 1996, provide a variety of personal development opportunities and information that will help you understand American culture. These courses are open to all students. They are attended mainly by au pairs, but American students are present almost every weekend.

The courses are offered by The College of Saint Rose, which is an accredited US post-secondary educational institution offering both bachelors and graduate degrees of study. The College uses the Silver Bay Campus for most weekends, because there is ample sleeping, eating and classroom space on the campus. Annually, Silver Bay’s campus is used by over eight colleges in the northeast for courses and other programs. The College of Saint Rose has used the Silver Bay Campus for over 30 years for Educational Programs. Some summer offerings will be held on the Albany Campus at The College of Saint Rose. Check with your particular agency to be sure they accept these college courses sponsored by The College of Saint Rose.

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